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We are manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for use in a variety of industries.

年代ince the 1980s, we have developed our highly-versatile TPE product lines for a wide variety of applications ranging from appliance parts and sports equipment to over-mold soft-touch grips, gaskets and seals as well as wire & cable products needing enhanced flexibility such as electric vehicle charging cables.

EVOPRENE series: TPE compounds designed for a wide variety of consumer goods and industrial parts. Applications include flexible hose and tubing, window and door seals, gaskets, over-mold handle grips, automotive parts, footwear, and membrane.

GARAFLEX series: TPE compounds designed for wire and cable applications that feature enhanced flexibility and toughness such as electric vehicle charging hose, submersible pump cable, flexible cord, welding cable and heat tracing cable.

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EVOPRENE TPE compounds are designed for a wide variety of consumer goods and industrial applications

EVOPRENE G: (The "G" series is our most widely used range of materials) Offers a hardness range of 12-95A, melt bonds to PP, excellent resistance to acides, bases and detergents. Available opaque or translucent

EVOPRENE R: designed for medical, pharma, food contact, toy and other applications needing food contact ingredients

EVOPRENE COGEE: designed to bond with nylon, ABS, PC

EVOPRENE Super G: for enhanced compression set

EVOPRENE HP: for low abrasion performance

EVOPRENE FR: with flame retardant properties (UL 94 V1)

GARAFLEX TPE compounds are designed for various wire & cable applications needing enhanced flexibility and toughness

GARAFLEX E: thermoplastic vinyl elastomer with rubber-like look and feel and matte finish, ideal for applications like flexible cords, tray cables and welding cables

GARAFLEX V: thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizate offers low compression set, excellent heat deformation, ideal for welding cable, pump cable and SEO insulation

GARAFLEX O: thermoplastic elastomer olefin with excellent mechanical strength, high FR, good wet / dry electrical properties for flat ribbon cable, appliance wire, heat tracing cable

GARAFLEX G: styrenic-based elastomer with low temperature easy processing for flexible sheathing, flexible cord SEO, SJEO, and appliance cable. Oil resistant FR grades available